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Lingam Massage London

Lingam Massage (With Optional Prostate Massage) – Unrestricted Pleasures

This is a cherry on the top of your tantric massage cake – the moment of sexual release after an hour (or even more!) of sophisticated erotic play. Lingam (or lingham) is how tantra calls male sex organ. Culminate point of tantric massage is lingam massage. It is performed by hand, but it’s is not your average hand job. It is delicate and sophisticated way to bring you to the summits of erotic pleasure, using special millennia-old techniques that tantra accumulated and refined through generations of devoted practitioners. Specifically designed and skillfully performed massage moves that are used to arouse and release the lingam will give you erotic sensations of highest intensity, and we can guarantee you that after tantric massage London session with happy ending lingam massage you will feel more sexually accomplished than after virtually any sexual entertainment London can offer.
Lingam massage London

For the most adventurous and open minded of you we also offer prostate massage as a compliment to your lingam massage. Prostate massage is called sacred spot massage in tantra, because it is believed that the prostate gland is a magic spot, akin to the famous female G-spot in vagina, that, when properly stimulated, allows man to experience the most profound orgasms. It is not painful, as some people think, it’s only highly pleasurable. And no, you are not risking becoming a gay for trying it!

Full Body Orgasm – The Highest Goal of Tantra

Full Body Orgasm – The Highest Goal of Tantra

The very essence of sensual erotic massage is that you are not only relaxed, but also ecstasy filled. Plus, tantric massage is not an ordinary sexual stimulation, but an erotic experience that is felt throughout the entire body.
Erotic massage London

For those who wish to go really advanced, special breathing techniques and visualizations can be used to give you a chance to experience the whole body orgasm. Yes it’s possible indeed, but requires practice, and, believe it or not, you can feel orgasmic sensations in your whole body, not only in your sex organ! It happens when all your body, from head to toes, become as sensitive as your lingham, and every cell of it climaxing in the outcry of supreme ecstasy, expanding your boundaries beyond ordinary and bringing you to the next level of sexual satisfaction, as well as to the next level of existence as a whole, where new perspectives become open to you, totally novel ways of perception, being and feeling are discovered and the secrets of life are disclosed. Incomparable and ineffable, full body orgasm is one of the highest goals of Tantra, which aims to use sexual energy not only for enjoyment and entertainment (though there is nothing wrong with it too!), but also for growth in consciousness and evolutionary development.

Nuru Massage London

You are invited to our discrete and  safe  apartment  in central London for the unforgettable unique experience Tantric Massage sessions.Tantric Massage London, slow oily,climactic,sensual and erotic massage by professional  masseuses.At Tantric Massage in London specialise in Nuru Massage and is something that all our goddesses are highly skilled in.
It is sometimes referred to as ‘body slide’ and is perhaps one of the most intimate and sensual forms of massage and will involve your beautiful goddess massaging your whole body and applying pressure and strokes from her body during the process.
Nuru massage London
Nuru Massage has become the most popular form of massage for all clients visiting us at our luxury apartment in Central London and this really is the ultimate in body to body massage popular with both male and female clients alike.
Nuru Massage is always performed with both individuals nude and actually originates from Japan and “nuru” in Japanese actually means “slippery”. This is because of the gel that is used which is a exceptionally slippery massage gel which originates from Japan and is actually made from Seaweed (an extract of Nori Deep Water Seaweed)
The gel that is used in the massage is odourless and also because of the ingredients used it is also very easy to wash off with no trace of the gel after a quick wash down.
The Nuru Massage also has some great benefits to improving skin tone and is also great for keeping the skin feeling supple and moisturised. We ask all our clients to have a nice hot steamy shower in preparation for a nice and steamy Nuru session with one of our Goddesses.
Nuru massage
We make sure that the scene is set nicely for the Nuru massage session with nice dimly lit candles with some very soft soothing and relaxing music playing in the background for the duration of your massage session with your chosen Goddess.
This really has become a guilty pleasure for lots of our clients in London and it seems all of our clients are returning for more and more of this very sensuous and intitmate form of massage

Tantric London Massage

Tantric Massage is a celebration of two or more people coming together and exploring their bodies sexual senses through erotic massage.
Your siren will cover your naked bodies in warm aromatherapy oils, in a soft mood she will seduce and tease you whilst using all parts of her body to knead out all your stresses and worries.
Our tantric sirens are available throughout London We invite you through our tantric practice, under our purposeful tantric guidance and by surrendering to the touch of one or more of our goddesses just to enjoy the gift of being transported to a place where the exquisite embrace of divine intimacy moves you to higher realms of sensual awareness.
Tantric massage begins like any regular Swedish massage, using long flowing strokes, to relax the muscles. If you enjoy deeper massage on the neck, back and shoulders, this can be incorporated at your request. Then comes the real tantric pleasure never to be forgotten
As the massage becomes progressively more sensual ,you will be brought to the point of orgasm and back several times, in order to experience being very turned on like never before, yet extremely relaxed, at the same time, your siren has practiced this to the ultimate perfection for your delight, this is all done without the feeling of urgency which is normally there.
Tantric london Massage

Tantric massage & extra lingam delayed orgasm

Our Tantric masseuses the sirens, are highly trained. This service can include a Tantra orgasm when done correctly, which radiates through your entire body, heavenly bliss! With extra lingam, means you get twice as much erotic foreplay on your entire body.