Saturday, 12 April 2014

Lingam Massage London

Lingam Massage (With Optional Prostate Massage) – Unrestricted Pleasures

This is a cherry on the top of your tantric massage cake – the moment of sexual release after an hour (or even more!) of sophisticated erotic play. Lingam (or lingham) is how tantra calls male sex organ. Culminate point of tantric massage is lingam massage. It is performed by hand, but it’s is not your average hand job. It is delicate and sophisticated way to bring you to the summits of erotic pleasure, using special millennia-old techniques that tantra accumulated and refined through generations of devoted practitioners. Specifically designed and skillfully performed massage moves that are used to arouse and release the lingam will give you erotic sensations of highest intensity, and we can guarantee you that after tantric massage London session with happy ending lingam massage you will feel more sexually accomplished than after virtually any sexual entertainment London can offer.
Lingam massage London

For the most adventurous and open minded of you we also offer prostate massage as a compliment to your lingam massage. Prostate massage is called sacred spot massage in tantra, because it is believed that the prostate gland is a magic spot, akin to the famous female G-spot in vagina, that, when properly stimulated, allows man to experience the most profound orgasms. It is not painful, as some people think, it’s only highly pleasurable. And no, you are not risking becoming a gay for trying it!