Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tantric London Massage

Tantric Massage is a celebration of two or more people coming together and exploring their bodies sexual senses through erotic massage.
Your siren will cover your naked bodies in warm aromatherapy oils, in a soft mood she will seduce and tease you whilst using all parts of her body to knead out all your stresses and worries.
Our tantric sirens are available throughout London We invite you through our tantric practice, under our purposeful tantric guidance and by surrendering to the touch of one or more of our goddesses just to enjoy the gift of being transported to a place where the exquisite embrace of divine intimacy moves you to higher realms of sensual awareness.
Tantric massage begins like any regular Swedish massage, using long flowing strokes, to relax the muscles. If you enjoy deeper massage on the neck, back and shoulders, this can be incorporated at your request. Then comes the real tantric pleasure never to be forgotten
As the massage becomes progressively more sensual ,you will be brought to the point of orgasm and back several times, in order to experience being very turned on like never before, yet extremely relaxed, at the same time, your siren has practiced this to the ultimate perfection for your delight, this is all done without the feeling of urgency which is normally there.
Tantric london Massage

Tantric massage & extra lingam delayed orgasm

Our Tantric masseuses the sirens, are highly trained. This service can include a Tantra orgasm when done correctly, which radiates through your entire body, heavenly bliss! With extra lingam, means you get twice as much erotic foreplay on your entire body.